Frequently Asked Questions


How do you clean windows? What equipment do you use?

We use both traditional and water fed technology to clean your windows.  We use a scrubber and squeegee to clean the insides of your windows and the lower exterior windows.  We generally use water fed technology to do hard to reach exterior window cleaning.

Do you offer interior window cleaning?

Yes. We offer both exterior and interior window cleaning.  We can also clean any glass in your home as needed such as glass shower doors, glass panels and mirrors.

Can you clean just a few selected windows?

Yes. We can clean a few selected windows. There is a minimum charge for each visit.

How can I pay?

Payment options include cash, cheque or e-transfer.  We can either leave a paper copy of the invoice, or email it upon completion of our work.  

How often should I have window cleaning done?

For residential we recommend getting your windows cleaned at a minimum once per year.  Ideally, getting your windows cleaned twice per year or quarterly is best.  It all depends on how clean you want to keep your windows throughout the year.

Do I need to be home for the quote?

Generally, no, you do not need to be home.  We would merely need permission to do a walk around the exterior of your home or property.  Sometimes a quote can be given based on pictures you send us of the exterior of your home or business.